Hendrik Beikirch – Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea
ECB Hendrik Beikirch - wherethereisnostruggle I (2012, canvas, 340x250cm)

ECB Hendrik Beikirch - wherethereisnostruggle I (2012, canvas, 340x250cm)
wherethereisnostruggle I, 2012, mixed media on canvas, 340x250cm

In two days, from September 13 through September 17, 2012, Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul will host Urban Void, an exhibition featuring Korean and international street artists who created works exclusively for this show.

Featured artists include Hendrik Beikirch, Victor Ash, Iepe Rubingh, Nana, JunkHouse, Jazoo, Eric Davis, Jamie Bruno, WK, Okeh, Vakki, Node Lab, and artists from New York-based collective Vault49.

The exhibition has live painting, installations, workshops and lectures on four floors.

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ECB Hendrik Beikirch @Urban Void in Platoon (Seoul) - Flyer

ECB Hendrik Beikirch @Urban Void in Platoon (Seoul) - Info

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