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Filippo Minelli (b. 1983) is a contemporary artist researching and analyzing social issues in fields like architecture, politics, communication and geography, using them as base for the creation of site-specific interventions or artworks. His artistic path based on the use of language led him to investigate the importance of both the word in contemporaneity, and silence, which can be seen as the opposite and completing part of the uttered word in language, visualized through photography in the public performances of his Shapes and Lines series. Traces of his presence can be found a diverse range of locations, from the Italian countryside to the biggest European cities in South East Asia, from Mongolian steppe to African deserts passing by the separation-barrier between Palestine and Israel. His artworks are frequently featured in books and his series has been reviewed by international magazines and newspapers as well as exhibited in various Museums and Foundations in Italy and abroad.

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Exhibition Utopian Days

Minelli’s video You might call it crisis but it’s silence to me, 2012 was shown in the exhibition Utopian Days.

You might call it crisis but it’s silence to me is a 5 minutes video presented in both multichannel-screening or single-screen. After a research on urban landscape, seeking for modified urban furniture, Filippo Minelli started to document with photographs and videos empty billboards in Italy, Spain, Poland and Germany. Their visual voids were considered as the physical visualization of silence in cities. Their muteness were also assimilated to the moment where people are silent and frozen after a traumatic shock, in this case after the 2008 international financial crisis. The video shows an actor dancing in front of billboards, to act and represent the attitude and defiance answer from the artist’s generation toward this event, enjoining the public to broaden their perspectives and the way they look at events.

Selected works

Silence: Shapes

  • Filippo Minelli - Silence : Shapes - Shape red

In 2010 Minelli started taking photos of smoke-bombs in romantic landscapes to juxtapose the beauty of nature with the violence of a medium devoted to create chaos with a stunning result. These powerful images, taken in various areas around Europe, had been featured in Art exhibitions, publications and got a lot of visibility thanks to many Art and Design-related websites.


Silence: Lines

The series is taken in various locations around Europe between 2009 and 2011.

A line, a tool normally used to write nothing, interacts with the urban/rural surrounding in a drastic way without changing its own nature. In Chinese culture the horizontal line represents the primordial breath, the separation between earth and sky, separation and unity at the same time, a cycle that rules everything on the planet.


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