Korean explores history of American structures & buildings





Works by Korean artist Ji Eun Kim.

“The major interest of my work lies in capturing institutionalized aspects of ordinary life. My previous works focused on the ‘regulated landscape’ of Seoul, Korea. Upon moving to the US, I recognized how the different scale affected the land use pattern in contrast to Korea. While the repetitive cityscape of Seoul was a product of regulation, the homogenized landscape of suburbia is the result of safe investments made by developers, mimicking successes of previous projects.

The experience of living in the Metro Detroit area provides me the opportunity to rethink the meaning of development and to consider cities as whole organic systems in the post-industrial era. Downtown/suburb, shrinking city/growing city and urbanization/de-urbanization—these sound antonymous but are closely connected. This perception allows me to look into one place while thinking about any other place in that socio-economic context”


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