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Public Delivery is an independent non-profit. We work with recognized artists, art spaces and organizations, but also go to places that are hard to reach and work with people who are often overlooked. As economic interests dictate almost every aspect of the art world, there is an imbalance within the art system, with power and participation spread unevenly. Our mission is to change this status quo.

Your backing enables us to keep investigating different viewpoints and broadening fundamental conversations on art and its environment. By supporting our projects, you guarantee our continuous capacity to address the most recent and pressing questions in unpredictable and innovative ways. We want to stay independent while creating something that is unique, interesting and relevant while financing global projects such as Silence Was Golden.

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We are a non-profit dedicated to changing the status quo of the art world. We work with recognized artists, art spaces and organizations, but also visit remote places and work with communities who are often overlooked, trying to establish balance within the global conversation about creativity. Public Delivery brings you unique and fresh content, and often thought-provoking ideas, free to all.

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