Korean shows New Yorkers how to do a proper handstand
Pepsi Kim - Mulgunamu in NewYork

Pepsi Kim - Mulgunamu in NewYork

Pepsi Kim - Mulgunamu in NewYork

Pepsi Kim - Mulgunamu in NewYork

Pepsi Kim - Mulgunamu in NewYork

Mulgunamu means handstand in Korean and that is exactly what you can see on the recent works of Pepsi Kim. “Mulgunamu in NewYork” ranges between photography, performance and video and is recently being continued in a series called “Mulgunamu in Seoul”.

Here is the observation the artist made:

“This country, United States of America, has made ordinary people to be enthusiastic about super-hero stories. Whenever ordinary people have hard time, the country makes super-heroes for people to make them calm down, to make them feel proud of super-heroes and their country. Soldiers were treated as super-heros at the period of World War 2, NYPD and FDNY are like that after 9/11. (Even super-heroes in cartoons and movies such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Something-man are still being produced for same reason in certain aspect) This country has succeeded in making them to be super-heroes for super-ordinary people.

However, who are living in this country for real? 
Who are carrying this world with all their strength?”

The project has been exhibited in several solo shows
2011 MULGUNAMU @ W.D.S Gallery (Seoul)
2011 Capture and Release @ International Center of Photography Gallery (NYC)



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