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After Soviet & US invasions: Creation of beautiful war rugs

After Soviet & US invasions: Creation of beautiful war rugs

Afghan War Rugs, AFP-JIJI
War Rug in Afghanistan

The War Rugs of Afghanistan

Every time there is war in a region, the locals look for ways to ease their frustration in an effort to remain hopeful. Afghanistan has been at war for a long time and while most people are aware of the United States invasion in 2001, the Soviet Union occupied the region in 1979. The Middle East region is renowned for its creative rug art, and this trade was popular among women. Up until the dawn of the 1980s, Afghanistan rug makers would dramatically alter the designs of the rugs. Instead of flowers, tanks, airplanes and rocket launchers would comprise the basic design of the rugs. Even though these new-age rug designs would be symbolic of hard and trying times, they would be among the richest art forms as a result of war.

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