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More than Kimchi and K-pop: A different side of Seoul

More than Kimchi and K-pop: A different side of Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, is a white spot for most westerns. Being well-known for electronic products, food and pop culture, the second most populous metropolitan area of the world has a lot more to offer than kimchi and k-pop.

While many in Seoul try to live up to the strong social norms and expectations, a good amount also strives for ‘western’ values, or at least those represented in American dramas, which are watched by all ages. Seoul is one of the most intense places, where the clash of tradition and modern trends is very tangible and visible. 60-80 hour work weeks are normal, and some find their corner of freedom in the socially accepted overuse of alcohol in the after hours. Others go for deviant behavior, and appear more individualistic. They can be found throughout the city, but are hard to discover sometimes. Nils Müller did that, last week.

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