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BNE is a graffiti writer who has covered many countries with his logo, and received wide coverage by international media for that. By putting up his name in legible letters over and over again, mostly on stickers, he established himself as an internationally well-known brand while not offering any product or service. Inspired by travels through some of the world’s poorest slums, BNE decided to improve the situation of those in need by building a non-profit organization that provides clean water and sanitation solutions. His name is used to attract attention and also to raise funds through several ways: By donating, selling of donated artworks and by buying BNE products, of which 100% of profits are used to cover expenses and fund clean water projects.

“ is a registered non profit organization founded in 2011 by world famous graffiti artist BNE. (…). About one billion people right now do not have access to clean drinking water. 42,000 people die every week due to unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. 90% of these deaths are children under five years old. It’s unconscionable that we allow this to go on. Join us and be part of the solution.”

> join BNE Water at or on their Facebook group.

> read more about BNE on the New York Times (1, 2).

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