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What is Rothko’s Chapel in Houston all about?

What is Rothko’s Chapel in Houston all about?

Mark Rothko – Rothko Chapel interior, photo Judith Kurnick
Mark Rothko – Interior of Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas
Photo: Judith Kurnick

History of the Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel has been providing a space for people in need of spiritual guidance and meditation since it was established back in 1971. The Rothko Chapel was founded and dedicated as an intimate sanctuary that was open for anyone of any religious or spiritual belief by Houston philanthropists Dominique and John De Menil.

The Menils, who were well-known Catholics were inspired to establish the chapel after they received advice from a friend known as Rev Marie-Alain Couturier, who believed that modern artists could revive forgotten sacred art. The Rothko Chapel sits next to the campus of the Menil collection and has been open to the public almost every day since it was established.

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