Mural plays with quotes by Nipsey Hussle


In March, 2013 Swiss-Bolivian artist Luciano Calderon painted a site-specific, indoor mural in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. The painting was executed for the Verão Arte Contemporânea Festival inside Sesc Palladium.

Calderon used two quotes by African American artists, the first being Tina Turner’s What’s love got to with it which is an ironic comment about the relationship of art and money. In contemporary times how much does love actually have in common with art?

Nipsey Hussle’s Don’t holla at me unless money is the topic alludes to the people working solely for money, some of those being business men using the very center where the mural is painted.

Calderon’s upcoming shows are a major show Centro Cultural de España en La Paz, one of Bolivia’s most exciting art spaces, and a group show at the State Museum for Ethnology in Munich.

Artwork details:
Untitled, 2013
Marker, spray paint, liquid paper on wood

The project was curated by Angelina Camelo

Don’t holla at me unless money is the topic (sketch), 2013




What’s love got to do with it, 2013

Don’t holla at me unless money is the topic, 2013

On the front page of Metro Belo Horizonte, part of Metro, the world’s largest newspaper


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