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Modernist architecture (also popularly known as modern architecture) is an architectural style or movement that emerged at the turn of the 20th century following major breakthroughs in building engineering and construction technologies.

The need to upgrade from historical styles of architecture and the arrival of new and innovative building materials — most notably reinforced concrete, steel, and glass — partly fueled the proliferation of modernist architecture.

The overarching principles behind the architectural style are the adoption of minimalism, the notion of functional form, and the break away from ornamental elements. The architectural movement was popularized in the early 20th century and gained dominance after the Second World War through to the 1980s before being replaced by postmodern architecture.


Kiev’s UFO – A modernist masterpiece

Deservedly nicknamed the “Kiev flying saucer” or “Kiev UFO,” the Kiev Institute of Information is an authentic work of modernist architecture that stole the limelight during the Soviet era. This awe-inspiring, alien-like piece of Soviet architecture has again come to the spotlight because it is being threatened by the mushrooming of modern shopping malls. Let’s […]

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Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin – NOT a chapel

For everyone with an interest in design, Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin is a great feast for the eyes and has a pretty interesting story behind it. Austin is a 2715 square feet (252 square meters) building on the grounds of the Blanton Museum of Art. The story behind the building goes that in 1986, Douglass Cramer

Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin – NOT a chapel Read More

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