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Public Delivery is a non profit arts organization established in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. We work with recognized artists, art spaces and organizations, as well as visiting places that are hard to reach and working with often overlooked communities. As economic interests dictate almost every aspect of the art world, from galleries to museums, and beyond, there is an imbalance within the art system, with power and participation spread unevenly. Our mission is to change this status quo.

Besides being the most visited arts non-profit online, the organization was responsible for projects such as Asia’s tallest mural, a pop-up exhibition opening on the same weekend on six continents, global public art performance Silence Was Golden, executing 400+ performances and 40+ exhibitions in 101 countries to date.

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We are a non-profit dedicated to changing the status quo of the art world. We work with recognized artists, art spaces and organizations, but also visit remote places and work with communities who are often overlooked, trying to establish balance within the global conversation about creativity. Public Delivery brings you unique and fresh content, and often thought-provoking ideas, free to all.

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