Kamin Lertchaiprasert interview

Kamin Lertchaiprasert interview

9 min 56 sec

I’ll have some – miserable is like everyone, is my life’s kind of confused and I always working – I don’t know what to do, what is hard, what is life and I try to use other tulipi myself and I just use the lip – at that time I was in New York and I – I am a pin maker, and I have a lot of leftover paper when you make a pin. So, and I use that to recycle of drawing, so, I draw every day, you know, but mainly it’s like the idea of in a young or form, to form to meet together. I starting like a life form – to life form, to a biba and then they transform to become nature, become cow, win, lending, mountain, flower anymore and become waterfall, mountain and explore – you know is become univer again, or something like that abstract.

So, it’s kind of try to spend time with that moment and thinking about how we come from, but I used drawing and material. I used water, charcoal and yes, I make a hole, sometimes I use fire to burn the paper, so, I try to use like a four-element of human being, you know, that’s in Chinese philosophy they use – they use their believe is we are come by – our body come by from water, earth, fire and will. So, I use the sky material to create the drawing and starting to see how we come from the uni world, from really a big bar, really small you know and developing, but mainly is more about developing myself and question what is value of being here, you know as human being and how we come from and where we go, you know and I spend almost 2-ears I evolve more than 1,000 pieces and when I have exhibition and I always thinking about the creation, what is the meaning of creation or what is meaning of art you know is on the process, is on the value of the product, of the art object, you know.

So, and from that I remind me about when I was young, I lost my mom and I’m from Chinese family, when your body – my mum was accident and she lost her leg, so, and my father asked me to make the paper sculpture of her leg and burn. so, in Chinese philosophy, in Chinese idea for when you are there, next life, when you transform to spirit, you know and then if you have body not complete, neck like you may not complete body if you live on. So, that is – they asked me to do it and that is how I have [Foreign] paper, money and then they burn for the spirit, to use this money after they – so and that’s how – remind me in my life, in my idea about is true, this kind of thing and this kind of value, you know, what is the Lea value about living here and a good person or burning some good material to your next life you know and they want to burn all my drawing, this project to people who are creating before me.

Drawing to Spirit, 1992
7 min 56 sec
So, it’s kind of questioning about the value of being at the artist of creation, so, you are burning to people who are died before you, who are developing many knowledge, many creation. So, I want to donate this at work and they burn for them. So, I calculate for the time of two week, every eight hour a day and it’s sure one thousand pieces, so, it’s about eight minute a day – eight minutes one piece I burn. So, and people when they visit to see the show, at the first day they will see how long is a lot of drawing, but after at the end, every eight minute they will see I’m burning thing and then they kind of shocking and then they’d start acting me, what you doing and why are you doing. So, instead is become conversation about life and art and value, you know and for me that is higher process of learning, when you are showing with them also and in the same way in physical, they can be in your work, your draw in turn form to be the air and smoke and then they can be the – you know and that’s high up, questioning what is the value of life and drawing of art, what is the Leo value and what they learn about and maybe, many people are surprised and shocked why you burning it.

Many people are saying so nice drawing, but I’m not sure about what you’re burning, but the work is nice, you know, but for me is – or someone offer me to buy the whole thing, I’ll say no, I don’t want you know, but that sky up, you are testing yourself also, not about are you really believe in this or not, you know, but after I did it, I kind of success right, i kind of happy, what I have done, because I – at least is take something out for my curiosity you know, my doubt, my curiosity. So, when they did it and then it’s now I understand, what is the real value. What was the reaction, like 20 years later, people still remember this? Yes, many people talk about it, when people come to listen about me or interview me. I think it’s most people they are surprised why I did that, they want to know why, you know and they ask me why you burn it and like last year, they have one interview from TV. They asked me about my work and then they are about that still, why i burn it and i tell them the same thing and then the ask me – maybe it’s better if you don’t burn it and then you can show it again. And I said, if I don’t burn it you’re not gonna come here to talk with me about this, so, that’s kind of you know.

Why you think this work is still irrelevant now? Maybe people curious about, because they expecting an it’s small, but material object, but then they conform to idea or energy, they’re not really sure or what they did, i think, and they are curious, because that is the true value in themselves, but they’re not really sure or something and maybe this one is La piece and they, eloping themselves and then they can see some hopeless or useless or really kill well, what is deliver you know and then they don’t know what to comparable though, maybe this one is co-opt them to see about what is the real value of them being, I think.

Would you repeat the same word? Yes, some – by any of the act, need to do the same thing, I said no, I don’t want. The art need to create the drawing and show and burn it, I said, I don’t do something that I learn already, just for choice you mean nothing. I don’t have to do the same again, but I can do another thing that’s more interesting and maybe not the same, but it’s different, but more fit with my spare time now, you know and that’s more value for me, not – I don’t make art for showing or repeating or to make pasture for another people, for me it’s more about positive learning about my life and society or nature. So, even though already, well, I have to do it again, I have known reason, just for big show, it doesn’t mean anything a big money I don’t penny, I can do something else and get the same thing maybe, out better for myself is better.

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