What we do

Founded in 2011, Public Delivery publishes an art magazine in English and Chinese that is read in 206 countries worldwide. Our main topics are modern & contemporary art and architecture, specifically sculptures, monumental artworks and art in public. We also publish interviews with leading figures from the art world.

Our ultimate goal is to create fascinating and engaging reads that you might love, even if you’re not an art enthusiast. We don’t go for the latest and loudest but go out of our way to discover largely unknown perspectives and projects. Thanks to this, we’ve been recognized by major publications and attracted millions of readers.

Our art projects in over 100 countries, collaborations with some of the world’s leading artists and established museums, high-quality content and interviews with industry leaders have solidified our reputation as a respected voice within the art world.

Stats (2023, Oct)

  • DA 57 DR 60
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 163,000+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 263,000+
  • Domain Authority: 51
  • Search Engine Acquisition: 85%
  • Average Time On Site: 10 mins
What we do differently

With our refined and provocative perspectives, we filter out the readership and narrow it down to a bright, engaged, and international audience with a deep understanding and affection for art and beyond.

One of our ways to achieve this is the creation of meatier, long-form content. While we publish articles in the typically news-friendly 500-800 word range, we frequently break out and go in-depth on various topics. This and our approach to often contextualized content sets us apart from the many sites that heavily rely on publishing copy-pasted press releases.


We publish articles in English as well as in Chinese and are the first to introduce specific in-depth content to a Chinese audience. Combining Western and Eastern audiences is a game changer, as opting for just one means missing out on valuable potential.


Our articles perform. Our CTR on search engines is about 50x higher compared to sites such as HyperAllergic. A high CTR signifies that a significant proportion of Google search result viewers are clicking on the content, optimizing the advertiser’s visibility and potential return on investment.


Most major art publications are owned by either large media conglomerate or billionaires who are often also collectors, including Art in America, ARTnews, Artforum, ArtReview, The Art Newspaper and many more. We are entirely independent.

No paid content

Since our beginning in 2011, we have never accepted paid content or compromised on the content, which gives us an immaculate reputation, setting us apart in an industry where content often gets influenced by commercial interests.

Quality content

We publish in-depth, high-quality articles and steer away from gossip or boulevard content such as discussing Kim Kardashian’s latest dress.

Target art lovers

While we address sensitive topics such as race, gender, armed conflicts, and others, we avoid engaging in identity politics. Instead, we present a range of opinions and viewpoints, always emphasizing constructive dialogue. Although quick-fire opinions can make articles go viral and attract a wide audience, they draw readers for the wrong reasons. We prioritize the quality of our audience above all.

Timeless content

All of our articles have received facelifts and improvements over the last years and that makes even our 12-year-old articles still perform well.

Traditional journalism

With a background in traditional journalism (University of Fribourg, Chinese University of Hong Kong) we always put quality first. This approach helps us to outrank some of the largest newspapers in the world as well as Wikipedia, meaning our articles get the same eyeballs.


Public Delivery receives more eyeballs than most of the printed monthly art magazines, which means a broader and more engaged audience for advertisers. With our expansive reach, online advertisers can expect higher visibility, increased engagement, and a better chance for conversions. translating to a more efficient use of advertising budgets and potentially higher returns on investment.

Unique content tailored for Public Delivery

We create unique photos, videos (including drone footage), and interviews, setting us apart from most art media that primarily rely on press releases.


Public Delivery launched in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea, as a passion project. Being frustrated with the landscape of art reporting, we set out to create carefully curated content, covering the most exciting and inspirational creative projects.

Being based in South Korea, it was only natural to be one of the first to partly focus on Asia, the largest growing market worldwide. Now the site has grown-up to become an influential source for art, architecture and photography, as well as a trusted reference.

What we offer

We currently offer various ways to reach our global audience of architecture and design professionals and students. That includes placement in our email, banner ads, sponsored editorial, social media campaigns, event sponsorships and brand ambassadorship.

One of our most outstanding achievements is the visitor time. In April 2020, an average session time was 16 min 38 sec. This unparalleled accomplishment shows that readers are deeply diving into our content. This fact makes us consider ourselves closer to a traditional magazine than an online publication.

This immersive experience speaks for the quality and excellent value that we are providing. We successfully establish credibility and trust and help you to gain real reach and visibility.

Our beautiful minimal look helps to focus the reader’s attention on your content.

Traffic statistics

Average of 190,000 page views per month and 105,000 unique visitors

Desktop: **% / Mobile: **%

Views – daily: **
Views – monthly: **
Unique visitors – daily: **
Unique visitors – monthly: **


  • Average session time: 16 min 37.
  • Bounce rate: **%
  • Dwell time: Readers spend an average of ** minutes per visit.
  • Loyalty: 51% of our readers revisit our site.
  • Pageviews per Session: **
Websites that mentioned our articles

* ranked by Domain Authority

All of our media/marketing is organic. We got eyeballs from:

UOL, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, HuffPost, National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica, NPR, PBS, RT, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Insider, VICE, La Nación, Slate, The Conversation, Euronews, Fast Company, International Business Times, La Repubblica, Bustle, Bored Panda, Quartz, Star Tribune, MDPI, News18, El Diario, Smithsonian Magazine, The Boston Globe, Pitchfork, The Observer, Público, Dezeen, ArchDaily, Atlas Obscura, Open Culture, Hyperallergic, The Culture Trip, Artnet, Helsingin Sanomat, KBS, among many others.

Our readers

Our readers are art and architecture professionals, as well as designers, both emerging and established. Combined, they make a strong audience. Your message will be seen by an influential audience, including buyers and collectors, and opinion leaders in general. Many of our readers are affluent, cosmopolitan, and educated.


  • Collectors / Museum Directors / Curators / Artists, blue chip gallery directors, etc.
  • Ultra high-net-worth readership (including major international art collectors)


  • 35% live in the US
  • 28% live in Europe (except the UK)
  • 10% live in the UK
  • 5% live in Australia

Other stats

  • Gender: 40% male/ 60% female ++ User segments ++51% women and 49% men.
  • Age: 61% are between 25-34


Preferred payment methods

PayPal, bank transfer, credit card and crypto (ETH, USDT).

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