Pieter Hugo interview – How can art change the world?

How Art Can Change the World

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Art affects us from childhood to adulthood. Children active in art subjects develop faster, unlike their counterparts. For adults, it helps us elicit sentiments and express ourselves.

Art can change the world. In his talk, Pieter Hugo explored an artist’s challenges and the role art plays in our lives.

Art Gives You New Perspectives

We all have varying opinions about our surroundings and the environment. We see things based on our perceptions. For example, two people in the Kalahari Desert might have diverse opinions about their environment, yet they face the same circumstances.

While one will spot the oasis and the sand dunes, the other might spend the day lamenting about the sweltering heat. Art has a similar impact. A stunning mural brings out varying experiences. However, there is one lesson many of us learn through art. That is the immense capability of human beings. Many times we contemplate the work behind artwork production. 

In my experience as a photographer, I know, art can change people. And the world. As mentioned, it influences how we view the world. We can refer to environments based on the placed artwork or imagine things the way we wish. 

For instance, you can take the image of a person jogging in your neighborhood and imagine them strolling at Tsim Tsha Tsui in Hong Kong. Meaning, art opens our minds to visualize things that seem impossible but are practical with the right attitude and mindset.

Art Touches Peoples’ Hearts

Art is always emotive. It touches our hearts and stirs emotions, which can be positive or negative. Think of the top artworks you have ever witnessed. What was the feeling? Or consider the images on Instagram. Stunning images like art distract you from your earlier intentions and hold you until you embrace their beauty.

How art affects our intentions and rhythm is the exact way it brings about change in the world. It always sweeps people off their feet, leaving them to savor qualities. 

The “Why” in Art Makes Us take Action

I do extensive projects, and sometimes they are narrative-based. Believe it or not, I get new ideas and inspiration from things that grip my attention. Once I encounter a beautiful piece of art or object, I set aside time to figure out its attractiveness. The answer to my questions also marks the end of my project. 

Art can, therefore, challenge you to seek more meaning, reasons, and answers. It can spur you to undertake projects you had been sitting on, which is incredible as it makes you a better person.  Art can change the world by building your imagination, arousing emotions, and spurring you to Action. You only need to embrace the beauty and look for the positives and the meaning behind its production.