Vandals print in Linz, Austria

Vandals print by Nils Müller

In the summer of 2012, Public Delivery and Nils Müller created a 5 by 10-meter mosaic print. This work was called Vandals, the same as Müller’s upcoming book. It is an ironic preview, free for anybody who made it to Linz, Austria. It consisted of ten thousand photos from Müller’s private archive and shows photos taken in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Why was it ironic?

The project was an ironic gesture as this book was highly anticipated within the graffiti world, and the photos of the book were all contained in the artwork. However, to fully see the exclusive preview, one had to visit the project in Linz, Austria, in person. Through the black-white, low-res images that were floating around online at the time, one could only catch a glimpse into the upcoming publication.

An accompanying exhibition showed new photo prints.

About Nils Müller

Nils Müller (b. 1982) is a photographer from Germany, mostly recognized for his extensive Vandals series, which covers writers painting their names on trains all over the world. All of his work evolves around humans and their emotions.