Doris Salcedo - 2 examples

Born in 1958 in Bogotá, Colombia, Doris Salcedo is a well-known sculptor and visual artist. She is famous for paying homage to everyday experiences in her home country and transforming everyday items like rose petals, grass, concrete, clothes, and furniture into immersive sculptures, performances, and installations.

Her works of art usually provide space for collective and individual mourning, as they honor political oppression and mass violence victims.

Salcedo’s works are known for giving form to loss, absence, memory, trauma and pain, with the majority of these themes stemming from her own experiences and personal history. She’s been exhibited at the New Museum, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Guggenheim Museum, Tate Modern, and the Museo Reina Sofía, just to mention a few key institutions.

Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth – A giant crack in Tate Modern

What was it? Shibboleth was an installation piece designed and completed by celebrated Colombian artist Doris Salcedo at the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern Museum in London. Before Salcedo created the installation itself, she created digital renderings on real photos of the Turbine Hall floor. The artist then printed the rendering before presenting them …

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