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Leading artist Xu Zhen: 19 Western sculptures for stunning installation

Leading artist Xu Zhen: 19 Western sculptures for stunning installation

Xu Zhen, European Thousand-Arms Classical Sculpture, 2014, Long Museum, Shanghai, 2015 - 1
Xu ZhenEuropean Thousand-Arms Classical Sculpture, 2014, glass fiber reinforced concrete, marble grains, marble, metal, 304 x 1470 x 473 cm, Produced by MadeIn Company, at Long Museum, Shanghai, China, 2015
Photo: Thomas Fuesser

Who is Xu Zhen?

Xu Zhen is a leader within the domain of contemporary Chinese art and is said to be one of the most sought-after international contemporary artists. Xu Zhen uses inspiration from both Chinese and Western cultures while combining the embodiment of both. He uses sociocultural frameworks as an inspiration for his pieces as an attempt to target and what many would argue decrease ignorance surrounding “foreign” cultures. Xu Zhen occupies an artistic practice that uses numerous mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography and performance.

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