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Besides our projects with Public Delivery, we have also been collaborating with some of the world’s leading talents. We do offer boutique curatorial and advisory consulting services on a selected basis. Our clients encompass artists, collectors, cooperations and institutions.

Our bespoke campaign utilizes many of our platforms to create an engaging and exciting partnership. We are also looking to be the one-stop solution that helps our partners to build a strong relationship on a long term basis.


Branding & Campaigns

We can work with you to create an authentic and engaging campaign, including stunning visuals and memorable experiences.


Content creation

Let us assist you in creating articles, books, graphics, flyers, translations, your archive, database, library or anything else that you may be looking for.

Curating & Experience design

Are you looking for a permanent installation or a pop-up exhibition? Talk to us.

art tour

Art tours & Workshops

Let us take you around the world and explore the best of art and beyond.


Parties & Catering

Enjoy an experience you never had before.


Collection building

We help building private and corporate collections.

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We would love to keep the conversation going.

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