We are so excited to have you on board for the golden balloon project. This project brings together people from literally all over the world in a playful way. With performances in over 100 countries, this project keeps growing and growing.

2min introduction video
Instructions for Silence Was Golden

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How to inflate balloons

Please use simple straws to blow up the balloons. After blowing up thousands and thousands of balloons using different methods, using straws showed to be the most reliable and fastest way. Using a pump makes them explode pretty quickly.

You can just push the straw deep inside, and it will work like a charm. The balloons seal themselves automagically.

What if a balloon breaks?

If a balloon breaks, you can usually fix it with tape. Some of the most sensitive letters are E and R. In the worst case, if a balloon is broken beyond fixing, please try to make another word with the balloons left.

silence was golden instructions


There is no deadline for the project. The project will continue until it was performed in all countries of the world, and potentially longer. However, if possible, please try to finish the performance within 1-2 weeks upon receiving the balloons.

Project Updates

Please find the most recent updates about the project including exhibitions and the number of performances and countries at

We send occasional updates by email, around 3-4 times each year.

Social Media
  • Our YouTube Channel has more and more videos. It serves as a growing archive.
  • You can find an overview of all performances here.
  • Please use #publicdelivery and #silencewasgolden when sharing it on your social media.
Thank you so much for being part of this project.

Hopefully, this page could be of help and answer some questions you may have. Of course, you can always reach us for any question.

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