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Christo and Jeanne-Claude was perhaps the most prolific artist couple focusing on environmental art. Their works were usually located in public places where they could be used by the audience. Best known for their Central Park installation and wrappings of landmark buildings, they rose to fame thanks to their works that often took decades to prepare.

More often than not, the couple used textile and fabric in their sculptures to create a delicate and sensual feel, which in return translated to the temporary character of their piece. Most of Christo and Jean-Claude’s works were visually impressive and, deemed by some as controversial, evoked debates and misunderstandings.

Christo - Big Air Package, 2010, Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany, 2010-2013

Christo’s Big Air Package – The world’s most massive sculpture

From the wrapped Reichstag to the Gates in Central Park, New York, Christo knows the scores in the art scene. In many projects, Christo worked with his late wife Jeanne Claude until the Big Air Package, the first installation since her death. Background The Big Air Package became the second project by Christo to feature […]

Christo’s Big Air Package – The world’s most massive sculpture Read More


Christo’s Mastaba – From Abu Dhabi to London

Christo’s first permanent large-scale work, The Mastaba, would have been the world’s largest sculpture and installed 160km south of the city of Abu Dhabi. The planning of this enormous installation begins in 1977. It was originally conceived as a sculpture for the desert in Abu Dhabi. Christo and his wife and long-term partner Jeanne-Claude drew

Christo’s Mastaba – From Abu Dhabi to London Read More

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