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Chinese girls are observing transformation of their city – Weng Fen

Chinese girls are observing transformation of their city – Weng Fen

Weng Fen - Sitting on the Wall - Guangzhou 3, 2002-2003
Weng FenSitting on the Wall – Guangzhou 3, 2002-2003

About ‘Sitting on the Wall’, ‘Bird’s Eye View’ and ‘Staring at The Sea’

The transitional phases and changes in China since its opening up in the 1980s, both physically and emotionally, have been the source of inspiration for Weng Fen (b. 1961) and his work. In his earlier series Sitting on the Wall and Bird’s Eye View, Weng’s epic images focus on the uprising of urbanism in cities such as Haikou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. His subjects start out as outsiders look into this overwhelming transformation with anticipation, fear and curiosity to be at the center of it all. Weng then follows and evolves inwardly, shifting his attention from physical changes to emotional and spiritual transformations. These take place in urban cities to rural countries. Weng explores the possibility of finding an otherworldly utopia, a place that may have existed all along in our hearts and minds, in our memories and those innocent times, which results in the acclaimed Staring at The Sea series.

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