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Gigantic breathing lotus flowers by Korean artist

Gigantic breathing lotus flowers by Korean artist

Choi Jeong Hwa - Perth International Art Festival - Moving Flower, 2012
Choi Jeong Hwa – Moving Flower, Perth International Art Festival, Australia, 2012


Sustainable art or art that is heavily centered on themes of nature is art that seeks to make human beings think deeply about the impact of their lifestyle choices on the environment. Korean artist and designer Choi Jeong Hwa has racked up a reputation in industry circles for his grandiose sculptural installations that comment on the privileged environment of art institutions while at the same time questioning the valued status of today’s artworks within a consumer frantic contemporary world.

Choi Jeong Hwa is mostly known for his large lotus blossoms. With motorized fabric leaves opening and closing, simulating the movement of a live lotus flower, his sculptures are often installed in public space and create a link between the modern world and one of the most important cosmological symbols in Asia.

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