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Kiev’s UFO – A modernist masterpiece

Deservedly nicknamed the “Kiev flying saucer” or “Kiev UFO,” the Kiev Institute of Information is an authentic work of modernist architecture that stole the limelight during the Soviet era. This awe-inspiring, alien-like piece of Soviet architecture has again come to the spotlight because it is being threatened by the mushrooming of modern shopping malls. Let’s […]

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Olympic Flame mosaic at the end of the central hall in the metro station Olimpiiska, Kyiv, Ukraine feat

Olimpiiska – One of Kyiv’s most intriguing metro stations

The Olimpiiska Station, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, stands in the same spot as the former Ploshchad Lev Tolstoy station and serves as a prime example for Soviet-era art. This period was marked by strict censorship and ideological control, with art expected to align with state interests and promote communist ideology. It is a part of

Olimpiiska – One of Kyiv’s most intriguing metro stations Read More

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