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Humans reduced to a blob of color

Humans reduced to a blob of color

Andreas Gursky - Kuwait Stock Exchange, 2007

Andreas Gursky - Kuwait Stock Exchange II, 2007
Andreas GurskyKuwait Stock Exchange II, 2007
Photo: Andreas Gursky/VG Bild-Kunst, Courtesy Sprüth Magers, Berlin London

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer and professor. He is most well known for large format architecture and landscape color photos, and following the 1990’s; Gursky has been using technology and computers for editing and enhancing his photos.

Gursky is known for using an elevated vantage point as his main perspective. This allows the audience to view the scenes from a place that is both peripheral and central. Using each subject to create an unconventional geometry, he organizes the world fitting in with his personal visual logic. He began his portrayals of stock exchanges in 1990 and has continued this project throughout his career.

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Sensational photos of North Korea’s mass games

Sensational photos of North Korea’s mass games

Andreas Gursky – Pyongyang I, 2007, c-print, 307 x 215,5cm
© Andreas Gursky / VG Bild-Kunst. Courtesy: Monika Sprüth / Philomene Magers

Renowned for his large-format colour photographs charting themes of globalised society at work and play, Andreas Gursky’s production employs the digital technology to capture and refine an astounding compilation of detail on an epic scale. The perspective in many of Gursky’s photographs is drawn from an elevated vantage point. This position enables the viewer to encounter scenes, encompassing both centre and periphery, which are ordinarily beyond reach.

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Bird’s eye view. Andreas Gursky from 1980 to Present

Bird’s eye view. Andreas Gursky from 1980 to Present

Andreas Gursky - James Bond Island II (2007)

Andreas Gursky - 99 Cent I (2001)
99 Cent I, 2001

The work of world-renowned art photographer Andreas Gursky (b. 1955 in Leipzig, Germany) who lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany represents a revaluation of realism within contemporary photography through conceptual staging and digital image editing. For his exhibition at the Museum Kunstpalast Gursky has selected 60 works from his oeuvre. Waiving a chronological hanging the mix of old and new, small and very large format works allows new and unusual views of Gursky’s photography.

The spectrum of Gursky’s work includes topics such as architecture, landscape, interiors, as well as large events with huge crowds. In the Düsseldorf exhibition, whose arch spans of works from the early 1980s up to the series of works Ocean I-VI, 2010, or Bangkok, 2011, Andreas Gursky is presenting some of his latest, as yet not publicly exhibited works.

“It is not pure photography, what I do,” Gursky describes his own work. “All my pictures are based on a direct visual experience from which I develop an idea for a picture, which is subjected to testing in the studio and eventually worked on and precised at the computer.”

The exhibition runs until January 13, 2013

Andreas Gursky, Bahrain I, 2005
Bahrain I, 2005, C-Print, 306 x 221,5 x 6,2 cm (framed)

Andreas Gursky - Dance Valley (2001)
Dance Valley, 1995

Andreas Gursky, Kathedrale, 2007, C-Print, 237 x 333 x 6,2 cm
Kathedrale, 2007, C-Print, 237 x 333 x 6,2 cm

Andreas Gursky - Dubai World I, 2007
Dubai World I, 2007, C-Print / Diasec 307 x 223,3 x 6,2 cm (framed)

Andreas Gursky - Dubai World III, 2008
Dubai World III, 2008

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