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Massive neon sculpture of Indian overlooks Berlin

Massive neon sculpture of Indian overlooks Berlin

Cyprien Gaillards - Neon Indian

Cyprien Gaillard, Neon Indian, Haus der Statistik Alexanderplatz, Berlin Photograph by Krzysztof Zielinski, 2011
Cyprien GaillardNeon Indian, 2011, neon tubes, steel construction, 10m, Haus der Statistik, Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Photo: Krzysztof Zielinski

About Cyprien Gaillard

Cyprien Gaillard (b. 1980 in Paris) put up the enormous Neon Indian on the Haus der Statistik at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The Indian is reminiscent of the logo of the US Baseball team Cleveland Indians. Gaillard often uses this in 1894 created image and refers to the use of indian names and mascots in the US, despite their extermination. Even though those images seem outmoded, they still continue to exist in mass culture, and although Indians were victims of exclusion, some part of their culture serves as marketing tools for American sport teams and others.

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