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Bauhaus was a school of design established in the late 1910s by Walter Gropius in the German city of Weimar. It remained active for nearly one and half decades until its closure in 1933, teaching a fusion of crafts and fine arts. It is best known for its modernist approach to teaching educational arts, which blurred the cliché line between the so-called applied arts and fine arts.

In essence, the Staatliches Bauhaus rewrote the relationship between design, art, and industrial manufacturing. According to Gropius, the school was established to birth a new architectural style that marries painting, sculptural art, and architecture into one form.


Why did Michael Lin install a complete house on a roof in Shanghai?

Model Home – A Proposition by Michael Lin was an exhibition of new conceptual work, made by Michael Lin. For the exhibition, he installed a temporary structure on top of the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, China. The exhibition has been created in collaboration with building workers, furniture makers and musicians, filmmakers, and urban studies

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