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Born on 18 September, 1965 in Chemnitz, Germany, Carsten Nicolai (popularly also known as Alva Noto) is a German visual artist, musician, and sound artist. He belongs to several music groups, including Opto with Thomas Knak; Alphabet with Anne-James Chaton; ANBB with Blixa Bargeld; Cyclo with Ryoji Ikeda; and Diamond Version with Olaf Bender.

In his music and sound art, Nicolai is well known for his extensive infusion of the moiré effect. This printing side effect results when two or several patterns superimpose to create a rippled or wavy texture. He uses air, shadow, light, and line as visual renderings of sound to produce art that gives three-dimensional images to two-dimensional images and improves and challenges the viewer’s perception.


Carsten Nicolai’s Unicolor throws you off-balance

Carsten Nicolai profiles as a prolific artist with works in electronic music, art institutions, and scientific phenomena. In his works, he attempts to challenge human beings’ sensory perceptions by designing installations comprehensible through the ears and eyes. Carsten perceives sound as a sculptural material and relies upon sound waves to develop spectacular and gallant installations. […]

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Carsten Nicolai’s syn chron – A one of a kind masterpiece

Artists have an enviable knack for coming up with staggering designs. Carsten Nicolai is no different. In syn chron, he teamed up with his group of architects to design a one of a kind sound, light, and architectural masterpiece. It’s unthinkable how Carsten Nicolai conceptualized the rarely talked of art. Syn Chron stands as one

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Carsten Nicolai’s light patterns dominates Hong Kong’s skyline

Carsten Nicolai has created an impressive audio-visual work in his sterling career as a contemporary artist. His α (alpha) pulse creation stands out from the others for its uniqueness. Through it, he endeavors to illuminate the Hong Kong skyline. The latest creation adds to the impressive list of mindboggling stuff that Nicolai has always churned

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