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Life-sized human skull made out of cocaine – Diddo

Life-sized human skull made out of cocaine – Diddo

DiddoEcce Animal, 2004, compression molded Cocaine (street sourced) and Gelatin, 12x18x22cm

Ecce Animal by Dutch artist Diddo is an unusual artwork, crafted with cocaine mixed with gelatin, it was fashioned in form of a human skull. The gelatin was used to hold together the sculpture. The artwork, as strange as it is, calls for a lot of questioning as to what it stands for and what exactly it means.

Before making the sculpture, Diddo tested the purity of the cocaine in a laboratory where it was determined that it was about 20 percent pure. According to Diddo, he feels it isn’t his work to talk about the dangers of using drugs but with the artwork crafted in the form of a human skull, to some a symbol of death, it clearly shows the dangerous side of it. He says the work of art brings to the fore the dynamics of human behaviour. Human beings find it difficult to live together while at the same time cannot quite live without one another. Ecce Animal symbolizes bringing together man’s animal instincts and the modern world we are in today.

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