Art & McDonald’s

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Contemporary art and McDonald’s, seemingly disparate realms, share a complex and evolving relationship. Artists have often engaged with the fast-food giant as a symbol of globalization, consumerism, and cultural ubiquity. McDonald’s iconic golden arches and packaging have been repurposed in various artworks, critiquing capitalist excess or exploring cultural identity.

Conversely, McDonald’s has occasionally embraced art in its marketing, commissioning pieces or sponsoring exhibitions. This interaction underscores how contemporary art can both reflect and challenge societal norms, with McDonald’s serving as a canvas for commentary on topics ranging from corporate influence to the intersection of pop culture and art in our modern world.

Brad Downey – I’m Lovin It, 2009, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany

McDonald’s didn’t pay for Brad Downey’s mural

Brad Downey has consolidated a reputation for himself in the street art community as an artist who has a flair for navigating gray areas in society. His work in public is an expert combination of culture and sensationalism, which are both presented and partnered with media-friendly and pop culture acceptable imagery. I’m Lovin It mural

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