Art & Consumerism

The relationship between art and consumerism is intricate and multifaceted. Art often reflects, critiques, and sometimes perpetuates consumerist culture. It can serve as a mirror, showcasing societal values, desires, and excesses. Some artists use consumerist symbols and products as subject matter, critiquing materialism and commodification. Alternatively, consumerism can influence the art world, shaping trends and driving commercialism within it.

The tension lies in how art navigates this consumerist landscape, whether it challenges or becomes subsumed by it. In essence, art and consumerism are intertwined, with artists both embracing and resisting the allure of a consumer-driven society, making it a rich subject for artistic exploration.

Thomas Hirschhorn filled entire museum with garbage

Thomas Hirschhorn has grown to become one of the most recognizable leading artists in the global contemporary art world. He gained fame in the 1990s thanks to his space-filling massive collages that were created from disposable materials. Influence & background Thomas Hirschhorn was born in Switzerland in 1957. Originally trained as a graphic designer, …

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Brad Downey – I’m Lovin It, 2009, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany

McDonald’s didn’t pay for Brad Downey’s mural

Who is Brad Downey? Brad Downey has consolidated a reputation for himself in the street art community as an artist who has a flair for navigating gray areas in society. His work in public is an expert combination of culture and sensationalism, which are both presented and partnered with media-friendly and pop culture acceptable imagery. …

McDonald’s didn’t pay for Brad Downey’s mural Read More

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