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World’s most expensive themepark in the depths of Dubai’s desert

World’s most expensive themepark in the depths of Dubai’s desert

Aleix Plademunt - Dubailand
Aleix Plademunt – Dubailand

After being exposed to numerous renderings and 3d models of Dubailand, a new place near Dubai, photographer Aleix Plademunt decided to visit the place. Dubailand was compiled over a 3-month period that saw Aleix Pledemunt travel across the rich oasis of Dubai, which is a city that has come to be known for its opulent lifestyles and luxurious taste. The series acquired its name from the 107 square mile theme park that is currently being constructed in the depths of the desert. The end result of this photography series was a representation of man-made Dubai surrounded by blue skies and characteristic white desert sand.

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