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Your thoughts come to life in Mariko Mori’s UFO

Your thoughts come to life in Mariko Mori’s UFO

Mariko Mori - Wave Ufo, 2005
Mariko Mori – Wave UFO, 1999-2002
Brainwave interface, vision dome, projector, computer system, fiberglass
207 x 446 x 194 inches (528 x 113.4 x 493 cm)
Edition of 2 with 1 AP

Viewer’s brainwaves projected on to a screen

How many times do art and science come together? In Mariko Mori’s Wave UFO art and science have come together in a creation that is just fascinating. This artwork uses neuroscience, computer graphics, architectural engineering, and sound to create an interactive experience where viewers can see their thoughts come to life in color and shape.

Wave UFO will take three viewers at a time. Each viewer gets electrodes attached to the head just like an EEG machine. The brainwaves of the viewers are transmitted and projected on to a screen. This will show six orbs, for two of each viewer’s left and right brain hemispheres. A waving line shows the facial movements for the viewer.

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