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Fascinating and disturbing – Asger Carlsen’s photos

Fascinating and disturbing – Asger Carlsen’s photos

Asger Carlsen - Untitled (Wrong), 2011, 76.2 x 58.4 cm ← →

Asger Carlsen
Asger Carlsen

Best known as the photographer with a fascination with distorted human figures, Danish photographer, Asger Carlsen was born in 1973. He began flirting with the idea of being a commercial photographer as early as the age of 16 when he took a photograph of a police officer who was yelling at him and his friends, which he would later sell to a local newspaper. He took to crime-scene photography soon after and this would propel him to commercial photography working for various magazines. The creation of photographic distortions was born in 2006 when he was playing with images on his computer; he laid several human faces on top of each other and the end result was an odd looking face which had multiple pairs of eyes. Naturally, this surprised him and having come at a time when he was trying to make his name as a commercial photographer, he was afraid of what has been created, so he chose to hide it.

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