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Kacey Wong creates tiny house & paddles away in the ocean

Kacey Wong creates tiny house & paddles away in the ocean

Kacey Wong - Paddling Home, 2009 1
Kacey WongPaddling Home, 2009, wood, ceramic tiles, aluminum windows, stainless steel gate, pipes, plastic barrels, 278 x 220 x 290cm, Hong Kong

Kacey Wong has a knack for creating art which investigates the space between people and their surrounding environment. Paddling Home, which was performed on the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor, was a star feature in the Hong Kong contemporary art scene. The project features deep architectural elements, which clearly show in the design. The project also features various functional and commercial aspects. The result of the Paddling Home house was the creation of artwork unbounded by business values or functionality, which allowed it to represent the philosophies of Kacey Wong.

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Provocative pink handmade tank in Hong Kong

Provocative pink handmade tank in Hong Kong



Hong Kong’s 1 July protests

The Hong Kong 1 July protests are a surprising sight on the often chaotic stress. This day marks the transfer of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China (PRC) and is a public holiday it was originally thought to be a day of celebration. However, now it is mostly known for hundreds of thousands of people flooding the streets who protest for democracy, universal suffrage and a variety of other political concerns. This annual protest rally started in 1997, the year of the handover, and in 2003 brought out as much as 500.000 Hong Kongers. Only the protest in May 1989 in favor of the participants of the Tiananmen Square protests was bigger with 1.5 million participants.

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