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40 powerful photos of masked horsemen in Southern Africa – Thom Pierce

40 powerful photos of masked horsemen in Southern Africa – Thom Pierce

Thom Pierce - The Horsemen of Semonkong - 5. Lebohang Monyamane - Letseng, Lesotho
Thom PierceThe Horsemen of Semonkong5. Lebohang Monyamane – Letseng, Lesotho, 2016

The Semonkong region of Lesotho

In the Drakensberg Mountains, the Semonkong region of Lesotho is comprised of various small villages. Semonkong is nestled high up in the mountains; so the area is almost entirely inaccessible by car. Some villages are close to four or five hours apart, so the local population has to find creative ways to move from one community to another. Mostly, the villagers utilize horses as their primary means of transport; the horses also come in handy for trading and herding.

Thom Pierce’s photos of the Horsemen of Semonkong

In May 2016, photographer Thom Pierce spent 8 days in the Semonkong highlands capturing the rawness of the majestic horsemen and women against the most astounding Lesotho background. Through his photographic medium, Pierce manages to blur the line between fine art, portrait, and documentary photography. His photographs engage the viewer almost immediately, and one cannot help but feel a connection with the men, women, and children that took part in the series.

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