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This city has never appeared on any official maps – Nadav Kander

This city has never appeared on any official maps – Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander - The Polygon Nuclear Test Site I (after the event), Kazakhstan, 2011
Nadav KanderThe Polygon Nuclear Test Site I (after the event), Kazakhstan, 2011


If it were possible to take a picture of the entire earth’s surface, the mosaic of human co-existence would be a sight to behold. Some areas are military grounds, mining cities or tourist destinations while others are education hubs just to mention a few. It is hard to appreciate that in the midst of all that are secrets as deep as the mystery of death. In the Dust series, as created by Nadav Kander’s, images of crows illuminated against the light of the moon in the darkness symbolizes how difficult it is to hide the truth. These images appear in the first three spreads, perhaps to prepare one’s mind to the secrets about to be uncovered.

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Nadav Kander: 3 years taking photos of China’s longest river

Nadav Kander: 3 years taking photos of China’s longest river

Nadav Kander - Chongqing I, Chongqing Municipality
Nadav KanderChongqing I, Chongqing Municipality

Nadav Kander’s trips to China

For his Yangtze photos Nadav Kander came to China several times in 2005 to 2007, visited 186 cities and traveled along the world’s third largest river, from the spring in the Himalaya to the mouth. Humans are usually just portrayed as small figures next to a gigantic setting, either of the river itself or one of the numerous construction projects. The Chinese people shown are often merely victims of the unstoppable change that is flowing through China with an enormous force, comparable to that of the Yangtze River. Old, traditional buildings and housing boats are replaced by gigantic anonymous buildings, reducing the human to the role of a spectator rather than a maker.

What makes the Yangtze River special?

The Yangtze River is widely known for being one of the most interesting and visually distinct rivers in the world. It has different names based on what regions it goes through. It’s named Jinsha, Tongtian, Blue River, Yangzi Jiang, Jing Jiang and even the Sichuan River. Another great Yangtze River fact is that the earliest evidence of human activity found near it was stated to be around 27000 years ago according to researchers.

The Yangtze River basin is known for the fact that this is a grain and rice-producing region. People also produce barley and wheat here, as well as maize, beans and cotton. An interesting Yangtze River fact is that the river first appeared on the European maps under the name Quiansui or Quian, both names being given by Marco Polo. It’s still safe to say that this river is iconic for China and it continues to help the local economy greatly.

How long is the Yangtze River?

The Yangtze River covers most of China and it’s more than 6000 km in length. Out of those, around 2800 are navigable. One of the main Yangtze River facts is that this is the longest river in Asia and the third one in the world in regards to their water debit. The watershed of this river alone is more than 695000 square miles, so it does cover a significant amount of space, which is quite impressive.

Some ocean vessels are able to travel 1000 miles on the river if you have a smaller boat you will be able to travel even further than that when necessary.

Dams & floods

You will also be impressed by the fact that the Yangtze River is home to one of the oldest dam-free irrigation systems named Dujiangyan Irrigation Project at the western side of the Chengdu City. The first Dam created on the Yangtze River was the Gezhouba Dam, but the largest one is the Three Gorges Dam, finished in 1998.

What a lot of people dislike is the fact that the Yangtze River valley floods every summer, however river dikes made it accessible for people to live in the valley.

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