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Born on November 26, 1957, in Guaimaro, Cuba, Félix González-Torres was an American installation artist, photographer, and sculptor. His installation works are primarily noted for their deep impact and simplicity with infused poetic messaging on loss, perseverance, and love in our daily lives.

He famously utilized ordinary materials like hard candy, rims of papers, clocks, and strings of lightbulbs. González-Torres lived an openly gay life until his demise in 1996. Even though his art career was short, his colorful and storied legacy still reverberates today, especially in relational aesthetics and political art.

Why did Félix González-Torres put free candy in a museum?

Felix Gonzalez-Torres has created nineteen candy pieces that were featured in many museums around the world. Many of his works target HIV, a topic of a serious nature, one that is still unfortunately often taboo in mainstream society. It takes the topic from the shadows, where individuals still cringe, avert their eyes, and lays it

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