He Xiangyu - 2 examples

Born in 1986 in Kuandian, Dandong, China, He Xiangyu is a Chinese contemporary conceptual artist who splits his time between Beijing and Berlin.

He is conceivably famous for his 2011 attention-capturing work titled The Death of Marat in reference to the French neoclassical painting Jean-Paul Marat by Jacques-Louis David. Exhibited in the window of an art gallery in Germany, the artwork featured Ai Weiwei’s life-like sculpture made of resin.

Cola Project (2009) is another notable work of He Xiangyu; it is a baneful and horrific landscape art. For this one, the artist hired an entire crew of migrant workers to boil more than 100 tons of soda into the dark, coal-like matter, speaking to the sinister nature of the global consumer culture.

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