Wim Delvoye’s profane messages hammered into rocks in stunning scale

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Wim Delvoye - Sweetheart, 2003
Wim DelvoyeSweetheart, 2003
Sweetheart. Out for pizza. Back in 10 mins. Gianni

Published on: Wednesday August 20, 2014

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With the advancement of technology, delivering messages has never been this easy. All we do is create emails, text messages and even twitter posts, and it’s just a click away! Except for the Belgian artist who puts great effort in delivering such message, Wim Delvoye.

About Wim Delvoye’s mountain carvings

Delvoye created iconic works by inscribing messages on mountains on a massive scale. Just a simple message, he put a great effort of putting reminders beyond the ordinary. Instead of painting a canvas to put out his creativity, he sets out a statement by making an effort to connect with nature. Come to think of it, he sets out a message to everyone by being aware that each significant human experience correlates with the forces of nature.


Wim Delvoye - Waited Till 9
Wim DelvoyeWaited Till 9
Waited till 9. Where were you? Do you still love me? Michelle

Wim Delvoye - Rude but Cute
Wim DelvoyeRude but Cute, 2000
Rude but cute. 18 year old babe. 018 83 87 840

Wim Delvoye - Walking the Dog
Wim DelvoyeOut Walking the Dog, 2000
Out walking the dog. Back soon. Tina

Wim Delvoye - Lusty Young
Wim DelvoyeLusty Busty, 2000
Lusty young busty blonde. 7813 917575

Wim Delvoye - Garbage
Wim DelvoyeGarbage, 2000
Honey, don’t forget to take out the garbage. Nina

Wim Delvoye - Darling I'll be back
Wim DelvoyeDarling I’ll be back, 2003
Darling – I’ll be back around midnight. David

Wim Delvoye - Bell is broken
Wim DelvoyeBell is broken, 2000
Bell is broken. Please knock. Tina

Wim Delvoye - Honey
Wim DelvoyeLasagna, 2000
Honey, Lasagna in the fridge. Love you, S.

Wim Delvoye – Minou, 2000
Wim DelvoyeMinou, 2000
Minou, I want to marry you

Wim Delvoye – Swiss Mountain, 1996
Wim Delvoye – Swiss Mountain, 1996
Susan, out for a pizza. Back in five minutes. George


Wim Delvoye - Mountains - Keys, David, Pizza, Mike, 2000, watercolour and colour pencil, 60 x 50 cm
Wim Delvoye – Mountains – Keys, David, Pizza, Mike, 2000, watercolour and colour pencil, 60 x 50 cm
Mum. Key are you know where
Susan, out for a pizza. Back in five minutes. George
Mike. Dinner is in the oven. Jill.

All images by Wim Delvoye/wimdelvoye.be unless otherwise noted.


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