Tattoos - 4 examples

Tattoos are probably some of the greatest and oldest forms of artistic expression. A tattoo in and of itself is a piece of creative work, making tattooing an art form. As a work of art, tattoos allow people or artists to express their creativity, inner selves, and ethos.

Tattoos are considered art because they serve to make a statement and challenge the viewer’s perception. As an art form, they can say tons about the wearer’s beliefs, interests, and life without knowing them in person.

Qiu Zhijie – Luckily these are not real tattoos

Who is Qiu Zhijie? Qiu Zhijie is well known for his capacity to add provoking new meanings to traditional Chinese calligraphy. In many of his works, Qiu incorporates calligraphy into modern media to fuse important elements from his culture into his art. His Tattoo series, released in 1994, explores the state of one’s independence and …

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