Conservative German Museum opens up to Urban Art

Klone, Moses Taps, Christian Minke
Klone, Moses Taps, Christian Minke

Galeria Autonomica

Last month the City Museum of Munich, Germany, held an exhibition which featured artists from Europe, Asia and Australia. They were connected by their confident artistic position, focusing on their artistic statement rather than creating easily accessible and understandable works.

The curators Christian Minke and Christoph Pankowski believe that now it’s more important than ever to promote those artists and artworks that are free from commercialized interest and to help them expressing their subversive views without aesthetic compromises.

The exhibition Galeria Autonomica was also the premiere of Live at the Museum, a Public Delivery project with André Hemer that started in 2011. Since then, 32 films in 12 countries on four continents have been produced.


André Hemer, Attila Stark, Balázs Szabó, Bianca Kennedy, Brad Downey , Christian Minke , Daniel Weissbach , Eliot, Felix Kraus, Frank Balve, Filippo Minelli, Josephine Kaiser, Klone, Leonid Hrytsak, Malte Sänger, Markus Butkereit, Markus Mai , Martin Meschede, Moses & Taps, Paul Hiller, Thekra Jaziri, Veronika Christine Dräxler, Volker Ruprich, Young-in Son


Filippo Minelli - Shape B/E, Shape C/O, Shape A/R
Filippo MinelliShape B/E, Shape C/O, Shape A/R

Klone - Free Party, First Snow
Klone – Free Party, First Snow

Christian Minke - Schleifkeil
Christian Minke – Schleifkeil

Moses & Taps (installation view)
Moses & Taps (installation view)

Moses & Taps - Kernschmelze, Label
Moses & Taps – Kernschmelze, Label

Denk - 1UP
Denk – 1UP

Frank Balve
Frank Balve

Frank Balve - Box
Frank Balve – Box

Paul Hiller - Leuchtkästen
Paul Hiller – Leuchtkästen

Andre Hemer - Live at the Museum
André HemerLive at the Museum

The Swan Collective - If a tree grows up to heaven, its roots reach down to hell
The Swan Collective – If a tree grows up to heaven, its roots reach down to hell

All images courtesy of Christian Minke & the artists.

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