Cao Fei’s artworks & exhibitions

Born in 1978 in the Chinese province of Guangzhou, Cao Fei is a Beijing-based multimedia artist. Her work often explores the everyday lives of Chinese people born in the aftermath of China’s Cultural Revolution.

By using performance art, video, and digital media, she examines the subtle relationship between reality and dreams, as well as the pervasive internet culture in China.

Her work captures the ever-changing cultural and social transformation of the contemporary life of the Chinese citizens while emphasizing the external influences from Japan and America.

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Cao Fei’s Cosplayers & the power of costumes

Cosplayers Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei’s 2004 work explores the imagined identities of cosplayers, young people who dress up like game characters, and how they interact with the real world. A costume bestows magical powers upon the wearer of these individuals, rendering their person more special and enabling them to transcend their mundane reality. These …

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