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Impressive photos of what used to be Brazil’s largest and most dangerous mine

Impressive photos of what used to be Brazil’s largest and most dangerous mine

Sebastiao Salgado - Serra Pelada Gold Mine, Brazil, 1986 17
Serra Pelada Gold Mine, Brazil, 1986

Serra Pelada refers to a series of photographs that were taken in 1986 depicting endless numbers of mine workers distributed on various parts of a tall gold mining cliff. The black and white photos were taken from a distance and at an elevated vantage point by photographer Sebastiao Salgado. Because of the location and the angle in which the photos were taken, the subjects look like dots as only their general forms are noticeable. The photograph captures gold grabbers and miners pouring from the side of Brazil’s then largest and most dangerous mine known as Serra Pelada.

Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado Júnior is a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist that has built a successful photography career that has seen his work published in numerous books and publications. As a photojournalist, Salgado seeks to photograph the most unsettling images of human life on earth, exposing things that appear almost unrealistic and improbable such as the Serra Pelada gold mine.

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