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Text-based art, where words and typography are central, diverges from traditional visual arts focused on imagery. Rising to prominence in the late 20th century, spearheaded by artists like Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer, this genre has profoundly impacted contemporary art. It encompasses various mediums, including painting, digital media, and public installations.

Other notable artists in this field include Ed Ruscha, known for incorporating text in visual landscapes, and Lawrence Weiner, whose conceptual art often features language as a form of sculpture. This art form challenges viewers, inviting them to interpret and engage with text as a critical element of artistic expression, often addressing social, political, and personal themes.


What do you think about Robert Montgomery’s poem billboards?

Robert Montgomery is a Scottish/British artist, poet, and sculptor famous for his site-specific billboards that are created from light and text, and also fire poems. Montgomery is also the associate publisher of Dazed & Confused. His works border melancholic post-situationist tradition. The artist believes that art should be taken out of galleries and be placed […]

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