Andreas Angelidakis – This tank is not a real tank


Named for the Greek spirit of war and battle, Polemos is comprised of 136 foam blocks covered in various camouflage fabrics. Together the blocks of foam and vinyl seating modules create a massive tank, which can be disassembled and reassembled in other formations-including seating for visitors to the Fridericianum Museum (where the piece was exhibited during documenta 14). Clearly, a comment on the uncertain nature of war, Polemos is the result of Andreas Angelidakis multidisciplinary practice in art and architecture.

Biography of Andreas Angelidakis

Andreas Angelidakis (born in 1968) studied architecture and lived in Los Angeles for a long time. Angelidakis switches roles between artist, curator, architect and teacher. His multidisciplinary practice often focuses on the internet and the perceptive and behavioral changes it has brought about.

Back in Athens, the city is “sexy”, he says – and above all, not boring. He shows us how the migration flows of the last century had influenced the growth of the city when in the 1920s, Greeks were expelled from Anatolia and were looking for a new home.

Angelidakis has consistently challenged the expected end-product of architectural practice by reversing the representation to realization sequence of the production of buildings. He often starts with an existing building, producing models, films, ruins, installations or alternative histories, blurring fact and fiction, smoothing out the borders between the real and the virtual.

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