Research & Study

Research & Study

Our research page is a chance to explore the site’s content in a new way and helps you discover fresh perspectives and in-depth articles.

This page will be constantly expanded. Please come back to check for new content.


Artists play a vital role in society. Some, especially mid-career and established artists, have substantial influence well beyond the art world. A few manage to shape our thinking. Read more about their inspiration and ideas.


Some artists are known for examining and presenting prominent issues that societies around the world face. Are artists suited to address societal problems? Is art a force of change? Can artists ask meaningful questions and even provide answers?

Art movements

There are many different art movements. Wikipedia lists more than 100 in total and an impressive 30 just for this century. Learn more about selected art movements.

Art in cities
Art and cities naturally have a strong relationship. Cities provide the audience, the infrastructure and the inspiration. Join us and gain insight from some of the world’s most artistic cities.
Art anywhere else

While blockbuster exhibitions usually dominate the headlines of art news, numerous art projects take place outside of cities. Natural environments provide the opportunity to experience art in a less distracting manner and connect viewers deeper and more authentically.

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