Research & Study

Research & Study

Discover fresh perspectives and read our in-depth articles exploring celebrated artists and the most outstanding artworks. With our generous resources, this is a great jumping-off point for unearthing and exploring art.

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Every artist has a story they are trying to tell through their art. Whether you are looking for artworks based on the style or medium you already like or want to explore new different art, check out these artists and read about their inspirations and ideas to find one that speaks to you.


Art in any medium is a reflection of different aspects of life from the inspiration the artist had and from ideas and emotions of various places and people. Do you want to find out what different art has to say about societal issues? Here, you can explore artworks and stories by topic.

Art movements
Different artistic media, styles and tendencies can be categorized in collective titles known as art movements. If you are rearing to explore various art movements and find out which one appeals to you most, check our selection of art movements here.
Art in cities
Throughout history, some cities have evolved to become artistic hubs for artists and art lovers alike. Whether home to renowned art galleries, street art scenes, or stunning public sculptures, here, we tour cities that make for the ideal art destination for lovers of art.
Art anywhere else
Aside from cities that form artistic hubs, other places form vibrant art locations providing a basis for numerous art projects to the place in a less distracting manner. Immerse yourself and connect more authentically with these natural artistic environments.