Glossy, ghost-like sculptures by Yoshitomo Nara

Yoshitomo Nara, White Ghost

Yoshitomo Nara, 2010, White Ghost

About Yoshitomo Nara’s sculptures

Yoshitomo Nara’s large fiberglass sculptures are usually glossy white and resemble komainu, mythical lion-like animal statues commonly placed at the entrance to shrines in Japan as guardians. The artist who often uses dogs and children as subjects in his work sometimes combines both, like in his work White Ghost.

About Yoshitomo Nara

Since the Japanese pop movement in the 1990s, Yoshitomo Nara has received international acclaim with his distinct figurative style. His drawings, paintings and sculptures can be seen in the permanent collections at MOMA, New York, CAC Malaga, Spain, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia and his largest sculpture, a 27’ high concrete dog is permanently installed at the Aomori Art Museum, Japan. His mixture of vulnerability, rebellion and hopefulness within his artworks connects intimately with people worldwide. Nara also shares a deep connection with his fans and is always finding creative ways to interact with the public.


Yoshitomo Nara, Aemori Ken
Yoshitomo Nara, Aomori-ken (Aomori dog)

Yoshitomo Nara, Aemori Ken
Yoshitomo Nara, 2002, 72 x 51 x 108 in. (182.88 x 129.54 x 274.32 cm)

Yoshitomo Nara - White Ghost, 2010
Yoshitomo Nara – White Ghost, 2010, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines, USA
Credit: Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections

Yoshitomo Nara, White Ghost
Yoshitomo Nara – White Ghost, 2010

Yoshitomo Nara, White Ghost
Yoshitomo Nara, 2010, White Ghost

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