Architecture is a science, art, and technique of planning, designing, and building structures on the landscape of earth – and is different from the skills employed in constructions of those structures. As an art form, architecture is a way in which we express ourselves and ideas on the earth’s environment. As with other art forms, architectural process, design, and the final products are subject to cultural, technological, and stylistic changes.

Architectural products, such as buildings, dams, and stadiums, are typically seen as cultural perceptions and symbols expressed in the form of art. These works don’t just offer up protection, workspaces, or shelter; they also represent cultural and human ideals.

Tom Fruin’s Watertower – Made of 1000 scrap plexiglass pieces

The Water Tower Not many artists enjoy the privilege of having their pieces displayed in New York City’s prime locations, but artist Tom Fruin does enjoy this. His creation of the Water Tower is a sight to behold and can be easily viewed from FDR Drive, parks and streets of Dumbo, Manhattan Bridge, Lower Manhattan, …

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