The best artworks shown at Venice Biennale - example

The Venice Biennale or La Biennale di Venezia in Italian is a Venice-based organization that majors in art and promotion of art. In 2009, the organization was renamed to the Biennale Foundation, while the exhibition became known as the Art Biennale to make it easy for stakeholders to distinguish.

The name of the exhibition, Biennale, refers to the fact that the events of the organization are held biennially (only when the year is an odd number). The Biennale Foundation continues to offer support to artists even when its mainstream exhibition is not running. Artwork is on display throughout, courtesy of separate events.


What are Kimsooja’s rainbow rooms all about?

About Kimsooja Kimsooja is a Korean-born artist that has won recognition around the world. Despite living in New York, her work is exhibited across Europe, Asia and America. Her work includes performances, photographs, installations and videos. Kimsooja’s work involves several subjects like relationships with others, nomadism and the role of women in dealing with challenges …

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Braco Dimitrijević’s casual passersby – These people are not famous

What is the Casual Passer-by project? Braco Dimitrijević’s Casual Passer-By series are a series of canvas-based photographs created as from 1971. The works feature large-scale images of people that the artist met in the streets. Each piece comes with the exact time and place where the artist met with the person. However, he did not …

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Jaume Plensa’s stunning larger-than-life sculptures

Who is Jaume Plensa? Jaume Plensa is arguably one of the top sculptors today. He is primarily known for creating huge ethereal sculptures and has also worked with different contemporary art media types, including acoustic installations and video projections. Plensa is especially known for his large-scale, ethereal projects, which he installed in public spaces of …

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